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Simiens and Gonder

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The Simien Mountains Trekking & Tours

High peaks, lost monasteries and 16th-century castles


Spend a fascinating of the occasion Simien Mountains Trekking! We are here to offer you self-rulingly uncommonly fitted visits in Ethiopia. Simien Mountains Trekking or Simien mountains tours and trips. The Stunning incredible country scene of the Simien National Park. Ethiopian Adventures offer you the first syndicate to the Simien mountains trekking Ethiopia.

Simien Mountains Tours & Simien National Park


The second world legacy site that made by UNESCO in 1978 was the Simiens. There are currently more than 1000 world legacy destinations on the planet. Which just accentuates the significance that the United Nations joined to this inconceivable mountain run. At the point when the thought of World Heritage set up. Ascending to more than 4600 meters height at the pinnacle of Ras Daschen. These mountains have been cut by water disintegration from used to be previously an enormous spring of gushing lava.

at the point when Simien mountains visits finish you understand that Some unprecedented natural life has made the Simiens its home and specifically, the gelada mountain monkey (regularly erroneously called a primate due to the extent of the guys) that consider the ledge bluffs during the evening to maintain a strategic distance from hyena and panther.

A prelude to the mountains is Gonder, an antiquated post town worked in the sixteenth century. frequently called the Camelot of Ethiopia a name that is maybe not with regards to its African roots.

The Simien National Park and Simien Mountains in Ethiopia is extraordinary compared to other trekking goals on the planet. We regard you as The Best Ethiopian Tour Operator. So we should Travel to Ethiopia.

(3 Review)
Rated 2.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
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