The Tribes and the South

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The Tribes and the South

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Omo Valley Tours And The South

The only areas in Africa where tribes still exist

In the South-West corner of Ethiopia can value the Omo Valley Tours. Where the edges of Sudan and Kenya meet, are found the couple of exceptional families of this stimulating territory. It is as yet conceivable to visit towns that have not changed for many years with inborn individuals, quick to keep their traditions and lifestyle. The Mursi and Hamar are the best-known clans.

Hamar clan lady Hamar men complete a bull hopping service as a transitioning custom. Some bit of this capacity joins whipping the backs of women and the women happy for the scars withdrew by the whip. The two individuals participate in body change by using thorns to scar the skin.
The Surma clan and Karo clan additionally live in this district. These ethnic gatherings live exceptionally customary ways of life, raising cows and goats and rehearsing agribusiness. They exceptionally far expelled from western living. Also, altogether different from Ethiopians who live urban ways of life.

The Bodi clan lives in an indistinguishable region from the Mursi famous for a service in which they pick the husky man of the year. The function happens in June and Bodi men spend a while eating unhealthy sustenances to put on however much weight as could reasonably be expected before the judging happens.


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