Bahir Dar and Lake Tana

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Bahir Dar Tours & Lake Tana Ethiopia

The Cradle Of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity


Lake Tana Ethiopia is the immense lake in Ethiopia is the inception and from where the praised universally The Blue Nile starts its broad voyage to Khartoum, and on to the Mediterranean. Bahir Dar Tours have dependably been a vanishing purpose of trade.
Lake Tana Ethiopia has assortment of islands, whose number changes depending upon the level of the lake.It has fallen around 6 feet (1.8 m) over the most recent 400 years. As indicated by Manoel de Almeida (a Portuguese teacher in the mid-seventeenth century), there were 21 islands, seven to eight of which had religious communities on them “in the past expansive, yet now much reduced.” When James Bruce went to the region in the later eighteenth century, he noticed that local people checked 45 possessed islands, yet expressed he trusted that the number might be around eleven.

Boating is another involvement in Ethiopia and exceptional in this manner known as best Ethiopia tour operators. There are basically two spots where this can be done.Along the Nile and furthermore Bahir Dar Ethiopia. The primary spot is a short excursion from Lake Tana (the wellspring of the Blue Nile) to the Blue Nile falls. Also a more extended outing south of the Falls profound into the canyon of the Nile.
Down the Omo. Secondly, it is possible to raft along the Omo in the west of the country.Both areas are spectacular in wildlife but are true adventures.These trips need careful planning at the right time of year. Their rivers are in flood in June, July, and August but most other months are possible.

(3087 Review)
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