Why Choose Ethiopian Adventures

Introduction Cultural Tour to Ethiopia:

Right off the bat, we are a class one Ethiopian tour operator which gives the cultural tour to Ethiopia as assigned by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Provide a social visit to Ethiopia. Besides, our Ethiopia visit organization is controlled by graduate staff. Thirdly we are sponsored by outer capital and we have workplaces in Addis Ababa and France. At long last, we just have present-day vehicles, an essential point gave the troublesome streets in Ethiopia. We form extraordinary packages and customized visits to Lalibela churches, Awash National Park, Simien Mountains Trekking and Gondar, Bahir Dar tours and Lake Tana, Omo Valley Tribes, Bale Mountains Trekking.

Many satisfied customers

Running an efficient tour company in Ethiopia is a true profession. It is not an easy country to travel and operate in if the vehicles are not up to the task and the drivers and guides are inadequate. This is what makes us different. All our vehicles are new and our staff fully trained.

From city tours to full safaris

Since we offer a bespoke service, we are able to do everything from a simple city tour to full safaris. From camping tours to luxury hotel tours, we make the adventure fit your budget and your wishes.

We can handle road and air transportation including air charter. One of our staff is a full IFR pilot.

18/7 support

Since we work on two continents, we can generally offer an 18/7  support. When are Addis staff are not working our office in France takes over, particularly at weekends.

4 Languages available

Our office staff are able to communicate with you in the English and French languages but we also have guides who speak German and Spanish.

Simien Mountains

One of our main specialities, since we are a subsidiary of the award-winning Simien Lodge, is trips deep int the Simien Mountains. We know this territory well and we go to spots, for example, Saddick Amba and Deresgue Mayram that different administrators don’t.

Professional guides

A guide is not essential but often they can make a difference between a good trip and an excellent one. You might have to spend a couple of weeks with this person so better that he knows the places inside out and can advise you properly. This is why we only have professionals.

Ethiopian Adventures – Addis Ababa office

Negist Towers 2nd Floor,

Kazanchis, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

+251 115524758

Ethiopian Adventures – European Office

1740 route de Montagne,

38840 St Lattier, France.

+33 476643078 .

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